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Remember, remember the 5th November

We’re in October – where did that come from?

Autumn is well and truly here, and the leaves are starting to fall off the trees.

Halloween is looming and, hot on its heels, Bonfire Night will be here before we know it, an event that so many pet-owners dread.

The whizz-bang of rockets and screechy-squeals of the Catherine wheels are all fun and games for us humans. But for our pets, it’s a different story.

Almost half of domestic pets in the UK are frightened of fireworks, and we know so many cat and dog owners who detest this time of year for that very reason. Their pets become agitated, stressed, anxious. Their acute sense of hearing means they can hear fireworks which might only be a background noise to us, causing them stress even from a distance. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

A well-managed bonfire night can be a stress-free, relaxing time for us all, pets included. With just a few simple steps, we can minimise the impact of this noisy time of year on our pets and prevent their stress levels for rocketing.

We’ve put together a few simple tips for keeping your pets happy during the firework season.

Tips for keeping your pets safe during fireworks.

Ensure they’re easily identified: First and foremost, if your pets are prone to bolting when they hear loud noises and bright flashes, always ensure they’re wearing some form of ID. If they aren’t microchipped, they should at least be wearing a collar with their name and address on, in case they make an unexpected bid for freedom.

Tire them out during daylight hours: Make sure your pet has had plenty of exercise during daylight hours around this time of year, so you don’t need to risk taking them out in the dark. This minimises the risk of being out and about while fireworks are being let off.

Keep them indoors: This is easy with dogs, but cats and other outdoor-loving animals are slightly trickier. Do what you can to ensure your pets are safely indoors during the dark hours around Bonfire Night.

Close all doors and windows: To help minimise the noise from fireworks, close all doors and windows in the house. Closing curtains can also add an extra barrier to the noise, muffling bangs and sheltering their eyes from flashes too.

Put the TV or radio on: Background noise can help cover and distract from the firework noises outside. If your pets are used to hearing TV and radio noise in the house it will also provide some comfort and familiarity.

Create a quiet, relaxed area for your pet: Find the quietest spot in the house and create a comfortable, familiar area for your pet to settle down and relax in. They’ll feel more in control surrounded by their bed, favourite toys and snuggly blankets.

Keep calm and carry on: Try to keep your behaviour normal and relaxed around your pet. Praise them for calm behaviour and speak to them in soothing voices.

Try to stay with them during firework displays: If possible, stay in the house with them if you know there are going to be loud fireworks happening. They’ll feel more relaxed and calmer with you around.

Dealing with anxious pets

If your pet is still anxious during fireworks, allow them to pace, whine or hide. It’s their way of dealing with the stress. Cuddle them if they want to allow it, but if not, let them hide under the bed or behind the sofa.

Stressed and anxious pets may behave differently from normal; little accidents and destructive behaviour are not uncommon in pets who are distressed or upset. Don’t shout at them for this kind of behaviour, especially if it’s out of the ordinary. Shouting at an already upset animal will only make it worse.

Natural products to calm your pets

If the above steps don’t help your pets to stay calm during stressful times, it might be time to consider a natural remedy to give them a helping hand.

At The Wandering Dog, we stock and recommend the following products to ease stress, anxiety and upset: ·

Chill drops from Herbal Pet Supplies

Relax, don’t do it drops from Nose 2 Tail

Calm and Calm Extra from Phytopet

So, try and relax and enjoy Bonfire Night when it arrives.

The team at The Wandering Dog

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