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How to order online

Ordering online is easy when you know how..

1. Click online store at the top of this screen 

2. If you know which manufacturer you normally use click that option or choose category (i.e. minces, bones, offal etc) or protein.

3. Add items by either clicking on the 'buy now' button on the front screen or going into the product record, changing the number of items and click add to bag.

4. When you have finished shopping, click 'go to checkout' or the shopping basket in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


5. Enter your email address making sure it is spelt correctly and click checkout.


6. Enter your shipping details, where do you want us to deliver your food? Please still fill this out even if you are looking to collect.


7. Choose your method of shipping (or click and collect)

8. Add your payment details

9. Voila, order completed

You will get an email with your order number on, please quote this number if you need to contact us with a query.

Once our team has printed off your email it will be marked as processing. Once it has been shipped you will receive another email with your delivery date and an ETA. Please be aware that due to the COVID-19 outbreak we are sometimes sending the vans out early so this will have an affect on times.

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