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Delivery Information

We provide a first class, reliable Nationwide delivery service 

Delivery FAQ
Delivery FAQ
  • Are there delivery deadlines?
    Yes there are. For Tuesday - Friday deliveries, order before 10:00 the day before the delivery run and we will get it to you the following day. For Monday deliveries the deadline is 10:00 on the Saturday before the delivery. The changes we have had to make due to the COVID-19 outbreak has meant that we are delivering throughout North Tyneside on a Tuesday and Friday. If you do need your order on a specific day please add a note in the comments box. The delivery schedules will be finalised on the evening before your run and once complete, we will sent an email with your ETA. All delivery runs can be found on our calender.
  • Where do you deliver?
    As well as offering a next day, Nationwide courier delivery service, we have 4 temperature controlled vans which deliver throughout North East, Cumbria and parts of Scotland. You can find out when and where we deliver using the following links Delivery Schedule Delivery Areas
  • How long will it take to receive my order?
    Freezer Van Deliveries You will recieve your order on the next delivery run for your area providing you have ordered before the 10.00 deadline Orders placed after the deadline will be sent on the subsequent delivery run for your area. Courier Deliveries Mainland UK courier orders placed before 10am Monday to Thursday will be dispatched on a next day delivery service. Orders placed after 10am Thursday will be dispatched on the following Monday for Tuesday delivery (not including public holidays). While we endeavour to dispatch all Southern Scotland on a next day delivery, our courier has advised us that some orders could take up to 48 hours. Please be aware of this before you place an order with us as we will not accept responsibility for orders that have been dispatched to Scotland and have thawed due to a delay with our courier. We want to ensure that your order reaches you on time, therefore, during times of extreme weather conditions it may be that your order will be detained by ourselves and dispatched when it is safe to do so. In addition, we will not be dispatching orders on public holidays and black monday shopping events. While it is rare this happens, there may be instances when your order is unable to be delivered on a next day service and may take two days to reach you. Orders are packed in poly boxes designed to keep food frozen, however, if food has started to thaw you can put it straught in the freezer and refreeze.
  • Do I need to be in to recieve my order?
    Ideally we would recommend that you are in to take delivery of your order, however, we do appreciate this isn’t always possible. It is therefore advisable that you always provide us with a safe and shaded place to leave your food ‘just in case’ you have to nip out. This information can be left in the delivery comments box at the payment screen of our shop. Please also ensure you have provided us with a correct and up to date email address and telephone number.
  • How much does it cost?
    Freezer Van Deliveries Delivery on our own temperature controlled vans is £2.00* with no minimum order value across North and South Tyneside, Durham and Teesside. Yorkshire, Cumbria and Scotland we have a minimum order value of £20. * We offer free delivery on orders over £50 (total not including VAT) across all our van routes. Courier Deliveries Courier delivery charges are dependant on weight of your delivery. Mainland UK courier delivery charges start from £10.00 for up to 20kg and then are as follows: 20kg - 25kg - £14.00 25kg - 30kg - £19.00 30kg - 35kg - £22.00 35kg - 40kg - £26.00 40kg - 45kg - £29.00 45kg - 50kg - £34.00
  • I've placed my order, what happens now?"
    Once we have recieved and printed your order, you will be sent an email notifying that the status has been changed to 'Processing'. Your order will be packed and stored in one of our freezer rooms until delivery. Freezer Van Deliveries A delivery schedule is calculated once the deadline for that particular delivery area has passed and your order will be marked as shipped. You will recieve an email containing the estimated time of arrival. Courier Deliveries Once your order has been packed and the courier scheduled, we will email you the tracking information. On the day of delivery will receive a text from our courier advising you of a 1 hour delivery slot in which to expect your order.
  • How is my food delivered?
    Freezer Van Deliveries Freezer van deliveries are packed in recycled, cardboard boxes. These will not keep your food frozen for long after we have delivered to your chosen address. If you are not going to be in on your delivery day, please use the comments section when ordering to request that you order be packed into insulated boxes if required. Courier Deliveries Courier orders are packed in insulated polyboxes, designed to keep food frozen for at least 24 hours. Please be aware that courier companies are experiencing high volumes of orders and there may be delays in receiving your delivery. The insulated boxes will keep your food frozen.
  • I think my delivery may be wrong, what should I do?"
    We recommend that as soon as you receive your order you check it against the delivery note left by either our driver or in your box. If after checking all the items are there you think a mistake has been made please contact us within 24 hours of receiving your order to notify us of the problem. Our email address is
  • What are your delivery terms and conditions?
    Our terms and conditions be found here.
  • Will deliveres be affected by COVID19?
    In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak we are implementing a ‘safe door’ policy on all deliveries with immediate affect to reduce the risk of exposure for our drivers. The safety of not only our staff but our customers is of the upmost importance and this is not a decision we have taken lightly. Our drivers will now knock at your door, leave your food on your doorstep and retreat to a safe place until the door has been answered. If there is no answer then they will find a safe place to leave your order and send a text advising where it is. If you have provided delivery instructions of a specific place to leave your food our driver will automatically leave it there without knocking or sending a text. For those of you needing assistance carrying orders, please email us at to arrange in advance. This method of delivery will continue until further notice and we appreciate your support and understanding during these uncertain times. Please ensure that you provide us with a safe place to leave your order.
  • Do you offer same day click and collect?
    We do yes, just select the day and time you would like to collect your order when you are at the online checkout. Please read our collection instructions carefully at checkout.
Delivery Schedule
Delivery Calendar
Delivery Areas
Delivery Areas
Route Name
North Tyneside
NE1-NE7, NE12-NE13, NE156-NE159, NE22-NE30, NE611 ,NE612, NE613, NE615, NE616, NE619, NE62-NE64
2 x Weekly
South Tyneside & Sunderland
NE8-NE11, NE16-NE17, NE21, NE31-NE40, SR1-SR7
Band 2 North
NE191, NE192A, NE192B, NE192D, NE192E, NE192P, NE192R, NE192S, NE192W, NE192Y, NE192Z, NE200A, NE200B, NE200D, NE200EA, NE200EB, NE200ED, NE200EE, NE200EF, NE200ET, NE200EU, NE200EX, NE200EY, NE200EZ, NE200H, NE200J, NE200W, NE200YJ, NE200YL, NE200YN, NE200YP, NE200YQ, NE200YR, NE200YS, NE200YT, NE200YW, NE200YX, NE200YY, NE200Z, NE202, NE208, NE209, NE481, NE482, NE614, NE65-NE71
Band 2 West
NE150, NE18, NE192H, NE192L, NE200EH, NE200EJ, NE200Q, NE200R, NE200S, NE200T, NE200YU, NE200YZ, NE41-NE47, NE483, NE484, NE49
Borders & Edinburgh
EH, FK1-FK16, KY1-KY8, KY11-KY12, PH4, TD
DG4, DG10-DG11, DG13-DG14, G1-G62, G64-G82, Parts of G83, KA1-KA5, KA10-KA18, KA20-KA25, KA29-KA30, ML1-ML12, PA1-PA19
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