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Customer Loyalty Points

We run a customer loyalty scheme for purchases made online and in person at our Cullercoats shop.  Both of these loyalty schemes are separate and therefore, loyalty points gained from purchases online will not redeemable in-store and vice-versa.

Online Loyalty Scheme

Collecting Points
Every purchase made online, automatically gains loyalty points against the email address used for the order.

Redeeming Points
Points can be redeemed in multiples of £5 to a maximum of £20 per order by following the below guide:

1:  Log in to the shopping page by using the 'My Account' link at the bottom of the page.


You will be prompted to enter your email address.  Please note that this needs to be the address that you've used to place orders on our website.  A sign-in link will be sent to the entered address.  Click the sign-in link to login to the website.

2:  Claim a Loyalty reward by clicking the 'Rewards' link at the bottom of the shopping page. 

You can access you current points and other account information by using the menu icon at the top left of the points window.  All rewards will be shown in this window, regardless of you having enough points to claim them.  Please click the reward you'd like to claim and confirm by clicking the 'Ok' button.

A unique code will be generated that you can be used to obtain the discount in our online store.  Copy this code by selecting the code text and then copying the selection.  You will also be sent this code to your email address for future use if you do not want to use it immediately.

3:  Place an order in our on-line store and enter the discount code in the first Shopping Cart screen by clicking the 'Redeem your coupon' link, followed by the 'Apply' button.


In-Store Loyalty Scheme

Collecting Points
Whenever you make a purchase in our Cullercoats shop, you'll be prompted by a member of our team for your loyalty account details which is usually your full name and/or email address.  If you've previously had a loyalty account setup this purchase will earn points on your account.  If you have not previously had an account setup, you'll be prompted to setup and account.
Redeeming Points
Redeeming points in store is available when you make a purchase where you should be prompted by a member of our team to redeem any available points amount on checkout.

Loyalty Points Terms & Conditions

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