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Do you and your dog deserve a medal?

You work hard, play hard and you exercise hard…

Does that sound like you and your dog?

Then why not join The Wandering Dog next month for a brand new programme – our ‘Feed and feel fresh this summer’ campaign?

Brand new and exclusive to The Wandering Dog, the campaign is part of our overall ethos of ‘Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat’. Because we love our dogs and we know you do too.

It’s all about getting out and about with your four-legged friends, enjoying your time together and getting a monthly reward for all your hard work.

You’ve heard of monthly running challenges? Well this one’s for you and your dog.

It’s for the energetic runners, the awesome ball-catchers, the fish-like swimmers and the stroll in the park walkers too. There’s a medal for everyone, at every level of exercise. Because we all deserve a medal.

Getting involved

Getting involved and signing up for a medal really couldn’t be easier.

All you have to do is click here and register for your chosen medal.

After that, get out and have your regular brand of fun (or try a new pursuit if you fancy it?), take a photo of you and your pooch having the time of your lives and tag us on social media before the end of the month you’ve signed up for.

Once we have your evidence we’ll leap into action, sling your medal and the post and you’ll soon be sporting your new piece of bling and showing off to all your two-legged and four-legged friends in the park. Simple.

Why get involved?

Because as with us humans, eating healthily and exercising regularly is just as important for our doggy friends. So why not make it fun?

At The Wandering Dog, we’ve got your healthy eating needs covered – it’s what we do and it’s what we love.

And as summer approaches, what better time to get active and have fun while you’re out and about? We all deserve a little reward for our hard work and that’s why we came up with the idea of doggy medals.

Is there a charge?

There is. Just a small one.

But just have a look at the medal you receive in return – worth every penny, right?

Plus, for every registration we receive, we’ll donate 10% of the registration fee to Support Dogs UK – an amazing charity that trains up dogs to work as support dogs for people with autism, epilepsy and physical disabilities. We love this charity and we think you will too.

Where do I register?

We knew you’d love to be involved! Welcome aboard and let’s have some fun!

Click here to sign up for your chosen medal.

Can’t choose which one to sign up for? Why not challenge yourself to claim a different medal every month for the next four months?

And don’t forget to tag us into your social media posts so we can share in your glory too!

Get out and have some fun!

The team at The Wandering Dog 🐾

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