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Happy Birthday to us!!

Happy fifth birthday to us!

We love a good celebration, don’t you?

And today marks five whole years since our business started. Back then we worked weekends on Tynemouth Market, selling wholesome raw food for dogs. Our own Labrador, Poppy, was the inspiration behind the business, and we’ve gone from strength to strength since then.

From market stall to leading UK provider

When we first started the business back in 2014, we never dreamed we’d be where we are now.

The idea for the business came about because Poppy suffered from several conditions that made her life uncomfortable.

We had tried everything we could think of to help her and spent thousands of pounds on treatments to make her better. What really made the difference, however, was a natural diet and alternative therapies. Then came the problem of where to buy the holistic products and talk to experts about treatments and diets – and so The Wandering Dog was born.

Joanne, who started the business as a sole trader, said “I’d just finished my degree in biological and anthropological studies and needed a business to fit around my family – I wanted to be able to take my daughter to school and, of course, walk the dogs. Starting this business allowed me to do both of those things, and I never dreamed it would be such a success.”

Since then, the team has grown and we’ve taken on two premises – the first on Cullercoats Metro Station and the second in Blyth. We’ve also grown to become one of the UK’s leading providers of raw dog food and alternative therapies for dogs and horses.

Award nominations

2019 has seen a move for the Cullercoats shop into larger premises, but still on Cullercoats Metro Station. In addition to this we have have been nominated in a number of award ceremonies including Natwest Great British Entrepreneur of the year in the Disruptor of the Year and Start Up Business of the Year, where we were placed runner up.

We were also nominated in Living North’s Entrepreneur of the Year award so this month has been phenomenal for us.

Looking ahead

Now that we have five years behind us, we can’t wait to press on and develop the business even further. We’re adding to our product range all the time, with raw food to keep your pets healthy and alternative therapies to help with the health problems of your four-legged friends.

Getting ready for Christmas

Your pets deserve an exciting visit from the big man on Christmas Day too, don’t they?

Then you’ll be delighted to know that we’re now stocking (pun intended) some amazing Santa Sacks – and they’re ready to order now.

These fantastic sacks cost £20 and contain salmon skin rolls, tripe sticks, cows hooves, meaty coins, meat sticks, beef tendon, hairy lamb ear, pizzle, black pudding stick, dried trachea, Meat Love Meat & Treat and a beef hide stick.

Thank you all so much for your continued support over the past five years – it means so much to everyone on The Wandering Dog team 🐾

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