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Coughs and sneezes spread diseases..

Coronavirus, there is no getting away from it. Whether you read the tabloids, the broadsheets, watch the news or just rely on social media it is everywhere.

Despite being a new virus, the general consensus from various health officials, including the WHO, is that the standard recommendations to prevent infection spread includes regular hand washing and covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing.

The speed in which it is spreading is frightening and as a company it is imperative we protect both our staff and our customers. We currently have strict hygiene practices in place as part of our HACCP plan (even stricter then before) which will hopefully minimise risks shopping with us.

Both shops have gel dispensers being fitted on the walls and we are asking every single customer to use these before shopping with us. Gels are also available at our tills so please free to use them after you have made your purchase (remember you are handling products that contain CAT 3 food so we would strongly recommend you use these regardless).

We also have hand washing facilities available should you feel the need to wash your hands. Hygiene in both our shops is controlled via our HACCP system and staff have strict cleaning schedules that are followed on a daily basis. This includes frequent wiping of baskets as well as freezer and door handles using anti bacterial wipes. Our card terminals are also wiped down frequently.

We are implementing a ‘safe door’ policy on all deliveries with immediate affect to reduce the risk of exposure for our drivers. Our drivers will no longer knock at doors with a delivery but instead leave orders in a safe place. A text message will be sent to the number provided notifying you where this is.

For those of you needing assistance carrying orders, please email us at arrange in advance.

This method of delivery will continue until further notice.

As the amount of confirmed cases and deaths rise we are asking that If any of the following applies to you, please do not come to our shops, instead call NHS 111

  1. If you have been to any of the cat 1 areas in the last 14 days (even if you do not have any symptoms)

  2. If you have travelled to any of the cat 2 areas in the last 14 days and have a cough, high temperature or experiencing shortness of breath

  3. If you have been in close contact with someone with a confirmed case of coronavirus.

If you have been advised to self isolate and need food delivery please contact us and we will do our best best to get an order to you. While these things may seem to some extreme, we have customers and staff with compromised immune systems (including customers currently going through chemo) and we are taking no absolutely no risks.We have placed an extra local delivery run on for Mondays and will, if need be, look at extending that further.

We appreciate your support and understanding during these uncertain times and will, as always, keep you updated with any changes as and when they happen.

Stay safe Doggers

Team TWD

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