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MVM Tripe and Chicken (454g)

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Product Details

MVM working dog food is packed in plastic sealed tubes making them extremely freezer friendly for those of you with limited space

This is tripe with minced chicken carcass and a bone ratio of approximately 20%

New to raw feeding?

When the bone ratio is above the advised 10%, mix with a boneless mince to reduce the percentage. You could also look at feeding one boned meal to one boneless meal as an alternative. Offal (for example Dogs Butcher mixed offal) will also need to be added to this mince to make it a ‘complete’.
Unless your dog suffers from yeast problems then we do also recommend including fruit and veg into the diet.
How to open

We recommend that you open MVM whilst still slightly frozen. Take a knife and cut down the centre of the tube, snap in half and peel back the packaging. Defrost and store in a sealed container and use within 2 days.

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